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Messagepar jojo.larfeu » Mar 19 Aoû 2008 07:28

Reprise des OS hybrides par Smith et Normatt qui nous sortent pour l'occasion cet OS fonctionnant à la foi sur AK2 et AK RPG.

AceKard All-In-One (AK-AIO) v1.0 - Initial Public Release ( 12/07/08 )

Téléchargement :

AKAIO v1.0

AceKard All-In-One (AK-AIO) v1.0 - Initial Public Release


By Normmatt (, normmatt234 \AT/ gmail \DOT/ com
By bliss (
By Smiths of Emuholic (, smiths \AT/ emuholic \DOT/ com
By Moogle
By gelu (
By kzat3 (

What is This?
AKBBS has been usurped thanks to amazing efforts of Normmatt!
AK-AIO is custom system software for *BOTH* the AceKard RPG and AK2, using all the features from the latest release of AKBBS(1.99) as a base. One file, two cards.

Base features
For those unfamiliar with all the additions the AKBBS (now AIO) software has in comparison to the stock firmware, here's a sampling of the bigger changes:

* Cheat Improvements - R4/XML Cheat File processing
* Plug-ins for TXT/MP3/etc.
* Multiple Save Slots per title - with copying between slots
* Slot-2 Integration - EZ3in1 (w/GBA Patching) and older FlashAdvance carts
* Shortcut tweaks
* Multi-page Start Menu
* Filetype-based external icon support
* Per-Rom settings for soft-reset/download play/cheats
* Copying/Cutting/Deleting SAV files along with NDS files
* Several improvements to 2byte language support

Version History
AK-AIO 1.0
+ Runs on both AK2 and AKRPG
+ Uses gelu's latest AKRPG rom loader
+ Uses latest AK2 4.07a16 rom loader
+ Contains everything from AKBBS1.99
+ Future support for larger than 4mbit save types (only supports 64mbit at the moment)
+ Applied Bliss' AR Engine fixes to the AKRPG
+ Hopefully fixed most of the soft reset issues with the AKRPG

Special Notes
Seeing as this release has experimental support for saves ranging all then way up to 128mbit, please err on the side of caution and backup your saves before using this firmware.
The "__RPG" and "__AK2" directory is now simply called "__AIO"
Existing users should make sure to rename their system directory, and update globalsettings.ini to reflect the new hidden directory.

Known Bugs
Plugins have not been fully tested on both cards. Potentially could be broken.

* Add Slowmotion
* Add Acekard+ support
* Fix any bugs that crop up

Cheats included are from Rayder's awesome compilation at GBATemp, now maintained by Narin, and are current as of the date of this release.
For the most up-to-date files, check GBATemp's release site (

Et c'est reparti, voici la dernière mouture du MERGE LOVE BNSM, rebatisé pour l'occasion en MERGE LOVE AKBBS.

MERGED LOVE (r7) AKBBS1.99 ( 24/04/08 )

Téléchargement :

MERGED LOVE (r7) AKBBS1.99 ( 24/04/08 )

Changements :

AceKard Menu 4.09-AKBBS build AKBBS1.99 - tweaks/fixes/renamed
The bliss/Normmatt/Smiths/Moogle/Gelu/kzat hybrid public release!
By bliss (
By Normmatt (
By Smiths of Emuholic (, smiths \AT/ emuholic \DOT/ com
By Moogle
By gelu
By kzat3 (

Version History
AKBBS 1.99
+ Name change because it's one letter shorter than all the coder's first initials
+ delete function in AKMenu uses shortfilenames, for increased compatibility -- Smiths
+ fixed cheat window when launched from a shortcut -- Smiths
+ cheat window has collapsible folders -- bliss
* extra bmps (folder_plus.bmp/folder_minus.bmp)
+ cheat window can use touchpen for controls -- bliss
+ fixes for 2byte languages -- kzat3
+ improvements in 2byte language support in cheat window -- kzat3
+ cheat window overhaul with notes displayed at bottom should they exists (like R4/M3) -- Smiths
+ cheat window features scroll arrows to indicate cheats outside the currently displayed rows -- Smiths
* extra bmps (arrow_up.bmp/arrow_down.bmp)
* if no bmp present, you get crudely drawn arrows
+ fix for loading gba savefile of raw type -- bliss
+ Remove hard-coded sizes for the calender and clock -- Normmatt
+ New options requested on forum for copying/cutting/deleting a SAV along with a NDS file -- Smiths
* under "System Settings" -> "Advanced Options"
* Will check for save slot files and copy/cut/delete those too
* [Advanced Setting] in language.txt will has two new options: CopyCut Saves Too = Copy/Cut SAV with ROM / Delete Saves Too = Delete SAV with ROM
+ New filename for cheat ".cc" files:, see if that helps with some creation problems -- Smiths
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