Beup Live 0.5 (Emergency Release) Released!

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Beup Live 0.5 (Emergency Release) Released!

Messagepar HtheB » Lun 27 Juil 2009 19:12

Hi all,
I didn't had any time to check out the "540 problem" of Beup Live.
I will go on holidays for a month to Samsun (Turkey) on 30-07-2009, so I released a quick Emergency verion of Beup Live.

See the FAQ below first:

*What does the 540 error mean?
-This is sent in response to a query that is invalid. The server will close the connection after sending the error.

*Why did Beup Live 0.4 stopped working?
- I think Microsoft dropped the MSN Protocol 8/9 (MSNP8+9), or they changed something in the protocol.

*Will there be a working Beup Live 0.6?
- I don't know about this yet. I will look at it when I'm back from holidays.

Download Beup Live 0.5 (Emergency release) at the Beup Live website

!!!Beup Live 0.5 (Emergency release) release notes!!!

This version is Working.
But remember, this is only an EMERGENCY VERSION!
This means: It still contains some bugs inside!

You can login to Beup Live now, it won't kick you directly after you login.

The issues in Beup Live 0.5 (Emergency Release) are:
- After 1 minute, you can't change your status and nickname anymore.
- The contact persons in your list will see you as offline after 1 minute.
You can't change this unless you just login to Beup Live again (since MSN is thinking you are not online anymore)
- After 1 minute, you can still chat, but ONLY to the contacts which you are already talking with (as long as the session is alive!)
- You won't see new contacts coming online or going offline. To refresh, just logout and login again.

This version is a quick release so you can still use Beup Live to chat!

Please check out the news at for updates!

Time to say bye now,

Untill next time! :)

Oh by the way, for the ones that are interested where I am going to:
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Re: Beup Live 0.5 (Emergency Release) Released!

Messagepar Alfadir » Lun 27 Juil 2009 21:10

Thank you very much.

Let's spend good holidays.

c ya
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Re: Beup Live 0.5 (Emergency Release) Released!

Messagepar BabouinAquatik » Mar 28 Juil 2009 06:56

thanks HtheB for the Beup Live 0.5 emergency release ... have some great vacation and enjoy :ymparty:
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Re: Beup Live 0.5 (Emergency Release) Released!

Messagepar spalnndsstest » Ven 31 Juil 2009 23:16

im using this version but when i open 2 chat conversations, i cant talk with the 2º one,i write, i press entener, and nothing happends. msg is not send.

any one got that problem too?
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Re: Beup Live 0.5 (Emergency Release) Released!

Messagepar Lindal » Sam 1 Aoû 2009 01:23

Maybe another bad effect.
Wait for the next stable version 0.6.
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